ProgRes MFcool

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With the new monochrome camera ProgRes MFcool, Jenoptik now offers a professional solution for a multitude of tasks – and not just in fluorescence microscopy. The cooled 14-bit camera with a resolution of 1.4m pixels delivers detailed images and features high image refresh rates of up to 45fps in several binning-modes. The sensitivity and the quality of the image is additionally improved by an analogue gain and switchable thermo-electrical cooling.

The image capture software ProgRes Capture Basic, included in delivery, has been extended by a sophisticated fluorescence mode, guiding the user through a predetermined capture procedure and offering a combination of different filter images. Multi-colour fluorescence images can be combined from up to five single shots. Furthermore, the mode enables the user to minimise auto-fluorescence during image capture.The ProgRes MFcool can be externally triggered and is easily adaptable to any microscope or PC in combination with C-Mount and FireWire interface.