ProMetric G

Radiant Zemax, a provider of light and colour test and measurement systems, and optical and illumination design software, has released its Near-Field Measurement System (NFMS) with its next-generation ProMetric G family of imaging colorimeters.

The company says the system provides a cost-effective and space-efficient method to perform highly accurate near-field measurements on LED and other large light sources and luminaires. With this latest announcement, the ProMetric G imaging colorimeter combines with the NFMS system, enabling more flexibility, higher accuracy and higher resolution measurements.

'LEDs are becoming very common in both the general lighting and specialty lighting markets, and for these type of devices, accurate measurements of colour and luminance are more important than ever,' said Allen Henley, product manager at Radiant Zemax.

'The new ProMetric G imaging colorimeter, combined with our industry standard NFMS system, delivers the most flexible, accurate measurement system for both near-field and far-field characterisation of modern LED lighting.'