PS1301 Processing System

Michelson Diagnostics has launched the PS1301 four-channel Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) processing system.

It is targeted at research customers who need to build their swept-source OCT experiments quickly, and do not want to use valuable project time and resources developing their own processing.

The unique multi-channel design enables collection of data from multiple OCT channels simultaneously, so that more data can be extracted from the subject. For example, users could acquire data at multiple polarisations, or at different collection angles.

The PS1301 incorporates the Santec HSL-2000 swept-source laser. It has been designed for easy integration into user experiments: it stores, not only processed OCT images, but also all raw A-line data, so that the user can apply their own processing algorithms if desired.

A Labview source code license is available as an option for users who need the additional flexibility to add controls for other equipment in their experiment.