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Pulse Picker

Alphanov has released the Pulse Picker, the last module of its MultiBoard series, a set of electronic cards dedicated to control various fibre lasers' architectures.

This card has been designed like the previous ones: it can be used either alone or in combination with one or more other cards of the ‘MultiBoard’ series. It synchronises an internal or external acousto-optic module and offers the opportunity to develop new functions in fibre lasers, like generating special burst with a given burst shape. Users can chain multiple Pulse Picker cards with one another to manage multiple independent outputs.

The ‘MultiBoard’ series is now made up of five cards: the ‘Central card’ that controls up to two single mode laser diodes and six photodiodes and provides a simple way to control on/off/security stages of complex multistage fiber lasers; the ‘MMD card’ for multimode diodes driving and temperature regulation; the ‘SMD card’ for single mode diodes driving and temperature regulation; the ‘Crystal card’ for optical crystals oven temperature control; and the ‘Pulse Picker card’ for synchronisation of acousto-optic modules.

Built on more than twenty innovations, the ‘MultiBoard’ series allows laser designers and R&D teams to save time during the design and prototyping as well as to achieve original specifications in a cost-efficient way.


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