Pulsed 355nm laser system

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The new pulsed 355nm Laser System applies Impex's core technology of passive saturable Cr4+:YAG absorbers bonded to Nd:YAG gain material in order to form a solid-state monolithic laser cavity.


The mode matching of pump mode to laser mode is optimized for these small sized housings to generate most efficient laser operation. The pulses at 355nm show a duration of approximately 2ns with an energy of >1.5 µJ and an adjustable repetition rate from single shot up to 7kHz.


The single pass third harmonic generation is designed for efficient and stable frequency conversion. The electronics is able to operate as CW pump or under external/internal pulse trigger from single shot to several kHz. Such pulsed pumping mode allows to adjust the constant offset current, the pulse peak current as well as the pump pulse duration and repetition rate very easily by a Impex PC remote control software.