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Elliot Scientific has recently introduced Thales Laser’s Femtocube. With an incredibly small footprint the new laser Femtocube (1130 x 1010 x 600mm) ultrafast laser has an average power in excess of 2.5W at up to 10kHZ, offering 30 (with Dazzler option) to 100 femtoseconds pulse duration range from a single box. Full diode pumping provides unmatched long and short term stability for everyday top performance.

The established experience of Thales Laser in very large TW and kHz systems has enabled them to develop an easy-to-use laser with full supervision software allowing real-time control of the laser and experimental set-up. This includes the Femtolaser seeder overview, output power control, TEM00 beam profile (M2 < 1.2) visualisation, pulse duration setting, Masterclock synchronisation and burst generation supervision, TOPAS wavelength tuning control or pulse shaping capability. Additional CCDs, motorised mounts, calibrated photodiodes and spectrum channels allow the user to monitor each stage of the Femtocube allowing fast adjustment and optimisation of all the parameters. All these diagnostics are included as standard.