Pulsed fibre lasers

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Multiwave Photonics’ line of pulsed fibre lasers are based on a MOPA (Master Oscillator Power Amplifier) architecture that incorporates the pulsed seed laser. Specific models are designed for applications requiring lower-cost and higher performance, while other models provide greater control of the laser’s pulses.

The proprietary pulsed seed laser source allows the pulse widths and repetition rates to be independently adjusted and programmed externally. This particular architecture allows an extended pulse operating range, by seeding the pulses with pre-distortion. The lasers provide flexible pulse shaping; flat-top and quasi-Gaussian pulses can be generated.

The lasers are housed either in a compact OEM enclosure suitable for integration into cost sensitive laser machines or systems, or in a 19-inch rack-mountable enclosure, that provides modularity and will be easy for future upgrade. Both enclosures are air-cooled.