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A new series of conductively cooled semiconductor laser bars from Coherent offers both high power and extended lifetime, even under adverse operating conditions. The PulseLife Conductively Cooled Package (CCP) series of single laser bars utilises telecom-grade solder technology to bond the laser die directly to its heat sink.

Coherent’s Aluminium-free Active Area (AAA) epitaxy at 810nm, together with high efficiency 940nm and 980nm material systems, delivers over 10,000 hours of lifetime (MTTF) at output powers of 50W. In addition, the optimum balance between thermal conductivity and expansion coefficient matched packaging maintains reliability under demanding 'on-off' cycle conditions.

This high durability, together with the convenience of conductive cooling, make PulseLife CCP lasers ideal for demanding tasks in materials processing and medical applications. In addition, they offer the performance characteristics necessary for high temperature military applications with frequent power cycling. Their robust design means they can cope extremes of shock and vibration. Featuring an optical fill factor of 30 per cent, which facilitates fibre coupling and lensing of the output, they can easily be integrated into most systems.