PulseLink USB controller

APE's PulseCheck autocorrelator is now available, via Photonic Solutions in the UK and Ireland, with the PulseLink USB controller, which offers complete control of the PulseCheck head via a PC.

The PulseLink is a new USB computer interface for the PulseCheck series of autocorrelators from APE. Featuring full USB 2.0 high speed interface, the PulseLink unit controls the PulseCheck optical head while being connected via USB to the control software running on the customer’s computer. This new PulseLink also offers the added advantage of increased resolution to 16 bits compared to 8-bit resolution from the standard PulseCheck controller.

The PulseLink controller allows for high resolution digitising with high-speed, real-time measurements and readout of the autocorrelation function with easy data export for further analysis by the control software. The scanning of the optical head can be synchronised to an external trigger, making it ideally suited for the measurement of low repetition rate amplifier systems.