6398-L4i series fibre-coupled diode laser

JDSU has released its 6398-L4i series fibre-coupled diode laser, which offers full fibre laser feedback protection from any fibre laser wavelength, allowing end users to operate the fibre laser in an environment virtually free from the risk of feedback to the diode laser.

Distributed in the UK by Photonic Solutions, the L4i series fibre-coupled diode laser is the latest release from JDSU’s L4 platform for the fibre laser pumping market, offering 10W of CW power from a 105μm fibre into a 0.22 or 0.15 numerical aperture.

Available at three wavelengths: 917nm, 939nm and 974nm, the L4i multimode pump module also takes advantage of the existing global JDSU manufacturing infrastructure to offer both high brightness and a small footprint, with consistent high reliability in a cost-effective solution.