Puravis GOF120

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Schott has expanded its portfolio of lead-free Puravis step index fibres for illumination applications to include the GOF120. With its aperture of 0.86, the new glass fibre achieves an aperture angle of up to 120°. This means it is particularly well-suited for applications in the field of medical endoscopy to illuminate internal cavities.

The Puravis GOF120 offers high light transmission, yet maintains its natural white light appearance. This enables the technician to make exact diagnoses when examining tissue samples. Like its two sister fibres GOF70 and GOF85 that were launched two years ago, the GOF120 fibre improves blue light and near ultraviolet transmission.

The glass formula used to make these fibres includes an improved resistance class, which ensures that Puravis fibres offer even greater long-term stability. As a result, these fibres can be subjected to repeated cleaning and autoclaving without impairing the quality of their light transmission.