PX 500

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Piezosystem Jena, provider of piezo electrical stages for micro- and nano-positioning, designed the PX 500 piezo positioning stage as a solution for positioning applications that require fast opening and closing.

With the dimensions 48 x 20 x 8mm the PX 500 is capable of generating a travel range of more than 500µm. The integrated pre-load is applied by the use of a special steel spring. Therefore, this system is suitable for dynamic applications with a very short response time. The unloaded resonant frequency is 418Hz.

The maximum driving voltage of the piezo electrical ceramic is 130 V DC. A flexible polyimide insulation material, used only by Piezosystem Jena, covers the ceramic. This coating is designed specifically for better reliability in high speed applications. Two apertures with a diameter of 2.2mm are located on both sides. This allows for easy installation into an existing system.

The voltage signal noise is the only limiting factor in the resolution of piezoelectrical positioning systems. This means the system is extremely well suited for high precision positioning with nanometer accuracy.