Compact laser beam position system

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MRC Systems has introduced a new closed-loop Compact system for the precises stablisation of laser beams on a defined position and direction. It is optimised for highest positioning stability and compact size. Typical applications are the stable coupling of ultrashort laser pulses into hollow fibres or amplifier modules as well as the compensation of pointing or fluctuations due to vibrations in laser applications with critical positioning demands.

The controller electronics of the new product is realised on a single board in Eurocard format. Due to the intelligent amplification concept the system can be powered with a usual 12V wall power supply. This allows for flexible laser arrangements and a straightforward integration into existing setups. The compact design also leads to a relevant price reduction compared to previous systems.

The standard product is equipped with Piezo-driven steering mirrors and 4-quadrant-diodes with integrated read-out electronics. In this configuration, the position as well as the intensity level are directly displayed on the detector. It is also possible to adapt the system for the connection of other components.

The system offers additional functions that guarantee a user-friendly and safe operation. These functions include a flexible signal amplification, direction coding, a switch-on activity delay, a safety switch-off, and the displays for position, intensity, and power level. The raw position data can be displayed with an oscilloscope and stored for further documentation or processing. The system is designed for an easy-to-use operation.