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Pyreos ramps up expansion after successful patent applications

Pyreos, the passive infrared sensor developer and manufacturer, is ramping up its expansion after being awarded a series of patents and securing trademarks in several key markets. 

The world’s only supplier of thin-film pyroelectric sensors has been granted two patents in the fast-growing Indian market as well as in China and Germany. The patents cover its core detector technology which is used in a wide range of applications from gas and flame detection through to motion sensors for consumer electronic devices. 

In the United States, Pyreos has been given protection for both the manufacturing of its core technology and the innovative use of its chips for attenuated total reflectance (ATR) spectrometers, which are used to analyse fluids, gases and solids by detecting how infra-red light is absorbed by the sample. 

To support this growth and ensure genuine products are recognised in the market place, Pyreos now laser marks its full range of products, etching its name, part number, lot and date code onto its TO-39 components. The ezPyro and Line Array range of products already have similar marking. 

Andrew Wallace, chief executive at Pyreos, said: “Pyreos products offer superior performance and end-user benefits when deployed in customers’ applications. That’s why it’s so important for us and our customers to protect our intellectual property (IP), which includes the ideas and inventions that underpin our IR detectors and the way they are used.” 

“By protecting our technology through patents and trademarks, we can give our customers the reassurance they need that they are buying quality products.”


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