uPhase interferometers

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Trioptics’ new µPhase interferometers are compact, small and lightweight digital tools that can be used in almost any working  environment.

These measuring devices are complemented by the µShape measurement and analysis software to fulfil the highest expectations of quality management. The µPhase interferometer systems are used for measuring specular high precision components made of glass, plastic, metal or ceramic. The non-contact measurement method prevents damage to the sample under test and gives the most exact evaluation of the entire surface or wavefront.

Trioptics states that the advantages that its µPhase line of interferometers have include, their compact size and modularity for their adaptation to different applications; their ultra wide measurement range of optics and surfaces with reflectivities from 0.3 per cent to 100 per cent; their second camera for accurate alignment; their Twyman-Green and Fizeau modes; and their comprehensive software support for product and laboratory use.