QCW diode stacks up to 12W at 1940nm

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ES Technology, the United Kingdom distributor for the Dilas's range of diode laser components, has expanded its range of QCW high-power vertical diode laser stacked arrays. The devices are now available at 1,940nm with power ranges up to 12W QCW per bar and optional fast-axis collimation.

These compact, completely AuSn soldered vertical stacks are designed specifically for operation in high temperature environments, for applications such as diode pump solid-state laser and defence requiring quasi-continuous-wave (QCW) lasers in the kilowatt power range, in a compact, easy to integrate package.

The conduction-cooled vertical stacks are available up to 8-bar configurations. Even under the toughest environments, the advanced packaging and high precision optics mounting will provide full control, allowing fast-axis stack divergence as low as ±3mrad (FWHM).