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Sphere Optics is now supplying the QE-2000 by Photal Otsuka Electronics. It is the latest generation of quantum efficiency (yield) measurement tools, which allow the user to determine QE of powders, liquids, solids and films. An optically optimised geometry using an integrating hemisphere and low stray light array spectrometer (wavelength range 250nm – 1100nm) enable world class measurements in applications like LED and OLED materials, thin film state sample, quantum dot, fluorescent probe, biotechnology, clathrate, dye sensitised solar cells and complex chemistry.

The QE-2000 system has an outstanding accuracy by the implementation of a new re-excitation eliminating function. The compact table top device features a user friendly software, easy cell loading and unloading, selection of the excitation wavelength and a full automated measurement procedure. Various analysis functions like quantum efficiency (yield), excitation wavelength dependency, emission spectrum, FL excitation spectrum and EEM (excitation emission Matrix) are available.

High speed measurements without darkroom and pre-known sample knowledge is no challenge for the QE-2000. An optional version QE-2100 with separate components allows temperature dependence analysis of quantum efficiency and wide detection wavelength range of 300 nm – 1600 nm.