New benchtop goniometer

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Sphere Optics has introduced a new benchtop goniometer with a footprint of 1.65 x 0.60 x 1.73m for use in small dark rooms and optical laboratories. The type C setup of this instrument enables the developers of single LEDs, LED modules or chips to study angular performance quickly and reliably in many development stages. 

The detector head of the goniometer is a high-quality, visible-range spectrometer, equipped with diffuser optics to collect important measurement quantities over the customer required angular range. Data such as the luminous intensity distribution, peak intensity, cone illuminance, beam angle, colour data (x, y/CCT/CRI), spectral power distribution or total luminous flux (lm) is provided in a customisable report. 

In addition to the source output data, ambient temperature during the measurement (IES LM recommendation 79/82) is reported as well as source specific data such as the power, the power factor, the orientation of the source during measurement, or the burn in and stabilisation time. 

With a maximum allowable source sample size of 300 x 100mm and 25kg, the new benchtop goniometer covers a wide range of LED measurement requirements.