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RGB Lasersystems offers what it claims is the world's first USB spectrometer in a unique subminiature USB stick design.

In a case slightly larger than a standard USB flash drive (75.8 x 22 x 10.2mm) and a weight of only 25g, the Qstick offers a resolution of 1.2nm across the full visible spectral range from 360 to 740nm.

The Qstick is controlled by Waves, a full featured spectroscopy software that includes sophisticated algorithms combined with a clear and straightforward user interface. An integrated mass storage drive contains the Waves software, device drivers and a user manual. Measured data can be stored on the Qstick.

The Qstick is delivered in a water- and dustproof protection case that also includes a 1.2m optical fibre with SMA 905 connectors and a printed user manual. Combined with a windows notebook or tablet, RGB Lasersystems says the Qstick sets a new standard in mobile spectroscopy.