Ge and InGaAs photodiodes and APDs

Pro-Lite distributes a range of germanium (Ge) and indium gallium arsenide (InGaAs) photodiodes and avalanche photodiodes for the 800 to 2,200nm near-infrared band manufactured by GPD Optoelectronics Corporation. GPD has been a manufacturer of power and high speed germanium transistors and diodes since 1973 and a manufacturer of infrared photodetectors since 1985. GPD offers Ge, p-n, p-i-n, APD and InGaAs p-i-n high speed and large area photodetectors for radiation detection and telecommunication applications. The latest developments from GPD include cryogenically cooled Ge and Si/Ge two-colour photodiodes. GPD specialise in large area InGaAs detectors (up to 5mm diameter) and customised devices and packages to suit individual customers' needs.