Thor and Odin lasers

Cobolt, Swedish manufacturer of DPSS lasers, has released a family of pulsed lasers. The lasers consist of two series: the Cobolt Thor series of Q-switched lasers and the Cobolt Odin series of compact and tunable mid-IR lasers.                

The Thor series lasers are compact Q-switched diode pumped solid state lasers. The laser cavity design provides a combination of high pulse repetition rates (>7kHz), high average power (up to 1W), short pulse lengths (<5ns) and pulse-to-pulse stability. In addition, the emission is generated in a TEM00 beam and with single-frequency spectral characteristics. Applications include range finding, Raman-lidar, micromachining and micromarking.

The Odin series lasers are industrial-grade mid-IR laser sources based on a fully contained temperature tunable Optical Parametric Oscillator (OPO) and integrated pump laser, in a footprint of 125 x 70 x 45mm. Periodically poled nonlinear optical crystals are used for efficient and spectrally flexible generation of mid-IR emission from 2-5μm, at 10kHz, with <5ns pulse widths, a linewidth of <1.5nm and tunable up to 50nm. Applications include trace gas analysis in pollution control for the petrochemical, automotive and energy production industries.