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Ophir-Spiricon has launched Quasar, which is a wireless Bluetooth interface that broadcasts laser meter data to any PC or laptop within 10 metres.

Quasar enables operators to separate the placement of the remote laser energy meter and the operator's PC or laptop to provide flexibility for complex laser meter applications. The wireless interface reduces cable clutter and can accommodate hard to measure areas such as glove boxes or high power lasers behind barriers.


Quasar is available for most Ophir smart heads including thermopile, photodiode, and pyroelectric, and comes in two options:

1. Table model that connects to any Ophir smart head and broadcasts to a PC.

2. Directly mounted on an Ophir thermopile head, providing optimal portability and eliminating all cables.


Quasar offers an optional antenna with extended wireless range of up to 60 metres, and a rechargeable NiMH battery provides more than 20 hours of use.


Ophir's USBI PC software is included with each interface and converts any PC into a comprehensive laser power/energy meter, with features such as log power and energy, averages, statistics, histograms, and more.