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Rainbow laser source

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Mobius Photonics, an producer of short-pulsed fibre laser sources (IR, UV and visible wavelengths), has updated its Rainbow laser source.

Developed for use in super-resolution microscopy, the Rainbow system is a prototype fibre-based source of user-switchable, visible-wavelength laser pulses. Among the new enhancements, the system features a significantly smaller laser head.

Mobius' new Rainbow prototype can produce output at nine discrete wavelengths between 532 nm and 654 nm. Individual wavelengths can be switched on-the-fly, allowing users to tailor output to the fluorescent marker in a particular application.

Rainbow produces approximately 1-ns pulses at repetition rates up to 20 MHz. The system is externally triggerable, allowing synchronisation to another laser source near 20 MHz. Typical minimum pulse energy is 5 nJ per pulse, but varies depending on the wavelength. Rainbow's compact laser head measures just 285 x 150 x 100 mm and weighs less than 5 kg.