Hyperspec Extended VNIR sensor

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Headwall Photonics, a supplier of high-performance integrated spectrometer systems for spectral imaging and chemical sensing applications, has announced the availability of the Hyperspec Extended VNIR sensor, a hyperspectral imaging instrument covering the broad spectral region of 600 to 1600nm. Sensor performance has been optimised for process inspection applications such as semiconductor manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and food safety and quality.

Headwall has continually expanded the capabilities of the Hyperspec family of hyperspectral imaging instruments. Based on Headwall's aberration-corrected concentric design, Hyperspec offers spectral imaging and spatial uniformity within a wide field of view.

Headwall offers broad hyperspectral capabilities for military and defence applications that include very high efficiency, diamond-turned optics and very small imaging sensors (the Micro- Hyperspec product line) for deployment on small unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and unmanned ground vehicles.