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Range of high-performance lenses

Four new high performance lenses are to be launched by Ophir Optics, a global leader in the design and manufacture of precision infrared lenses, at the SPIE-DSS 2015 Sensing Technologies and Applications Exhibition at the Baltimore Convention Center from April 20-24, 2015.

Ophir produces a wide range of high quality, cost effective, superior performance infrared and vision components, lenses, and motorized zoom lens systems. They are typically employed in defense, security, medical, marine, industrial and environmental thermal imaging applications.

The four products being launched are; an extremely wide angle, 180 degree field-of-view (FOV) fisheye lens‏, a 15-60mm focal length F/1.4 uncooled motorized continuous zoom lens‏, a 19-200mm focal length F/4.0 cooled motorized continuous zoom lens‏, and a 15-280mm focal length F/5.5 cooled motorized continuous zoom lens.

Each lens is tailored to meet specific market needs. The 180 degree fisheye lens is ideal for surveillance, security and situational awareness applications. The 19-200mm zoom lens is optimized to fit within a 7" gimbal for UAV applications.  The 15-280mm F/5.5 zoom lens is a modification to Ophir’s legacy 15-300mm F/4.0 which integrates with an F/5.5 cooled detector. The 15-60mm uncooled zoom lens was designed to fulfill the growing demand for compact, rugged zoom lenses for thermal weapon sights (TWS), small UAV payloads (within a 5" gimbal), and surveillance applications.

Ophir invites you to come and visit booth 919 during SPIE DSS 2015, where you will be able to obtain detailed information and see demonstrations of the capabilities of the new lenses.

These new, specialized, products add to Ophir’s overall range, which includes lenses for use in almost every conceivable extremely demanding situation.

Ophir’s range of commercial lenses is focused on the rapidly expanding commercial FLIR (Forward Looking Infrared) and thermography (radiometric) lens markets. It offers tailored optical and mechanical design, element polishing, diamond turning, thin-film coating and final assembly for optical turnkey solutions.

Ophir has registered patents for manufacturing elements with two aspheric surfaces (using diamond turning technology) - essential in supplying high quality, low-weight lenses needed for firefighting and thermography/infrared IR handheld cameras.

Ophir lenses, which are vital components for infrared camera manufacturers, are used in a wide range of applications by government agencies and commercial companies.


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