Range of LEDs and photodiodes

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Frankfurt Laser Company has released a line up of LEDs and accompanying photodiodes to its range. Both LEDs and PDs operate in the mid infrared range from 1,586nm to 4,456nm.

Due to advances in measuring technology, these LEDs are ideally suited for use in gas measurement. This can be measuring the concentration of a particular gas or the existence of a particular gas type within air. Such sensors offer a reliable, instant and non-contact method of gas detection. The individual LEDs and photodiodes are a cost effective and small. Operating over a wide temperature range allows them to be used in a variety of environments.

LEDs can be either used in quasi CW or pulsed mode operation to obtain either a high average power output or a high peak power output. As an addition to the package options, which are TO18 and TO5 can, both LEDs and PDs can be equipped with a parabolic reflector to either decrease beam divergence or increase the light gathering power respectively. With a complete set of drive electronics available this allows an easy set-up solution to enable quick and easy experimentation.

Applications include: medical diagnostics, ecological monitoring, and CO2 methane and water vapour sensing.