Range LR laser range-finder

UK distributor Premier Electronics has introduced a high repetition rate eye-safe laser range-finder manufactured by Israeli firm ITL Optronics. The range-finders are available in a single compact, open-framed unit offering 1, 3 or 10Hz continuous operation. The company claims that these modules are some of the only LRFs in the world of these dimensions that enable continuous lasing at these repetition rates.

The Range LR family offers ranges from 100m to 30,000m and offers accuracy of +/- 5m at any of these ranges. The units can be supplied in an open or closed-frame module and are designed for OEM implementation as a long-range, single-pulse eye-safe laser range finder. The lasers are fully eye-safe, 1,540nm, Class 1 (not Class 1M) according to IEC 60825-1:2001, thereby complying with the most rigorous customer requirements. The lasers are based on single pulse erbium glass with diode laser pumping in the 1,540nm wavelength region. The receiver is an InGaAs APD; these are more expensive than germanium APDs, but offer significantly lower noise. There is an optional IR pointer with 15-120mW-output power. The range-finders are powered by an 18 to 36VDC source and are controlled via RS232 or RS422. They comply with MIL-STD-810F and MIL-STD-461D.

The Range LRs are designed for integration as part of a multi-sensor suite and/or UAV payloads. Smartly designed for maximum packaging flexibility, the Range LR is designed to allow system integrators to build laser range finder capabilities into their systems with the minimum of effort.