TruMark 6350

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Trumpf has introduced the TruMark 6350 laser marking system. Because it operates in the UV wavelength, it can be used in applications that are not covered by markers using infrared or green laser light.

Target groups for the laser system include manufacturers of automotive and electronic parts, as their products are often housed in cases made from thermoplastic engineering polymer. Glass marking is another target application.

The high average power of the TruMark 6350 allows high processing speeds to be achieved, making it suitable for automated, volume manufacturing. A dual head version is also available for even higher productivity.

The TruMark 6350 does not need laser-sensitive additives in the substrate, and as the process has minimal effect on the substrate it can be used on more sensitive materials such as leather and even organic materials.

This system features Trumpf’s latest generation UV unit which is easy to integrate via a single umbilical. It is also available in different power output classes and pulse durations.