Range of monochromatic light sources

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Building on its catalogue of incoherent light sources (Xe, Hg(Xe), QTH), LOT has introduced its new range of monochromatic light sources, integrating its line of monochromators (150 and 300mm focal length).

Common configurations include either a 150W Xenon/QTH source with 150mm monochromator (dual grating) or 300W Xenon/QTH light source with 300mm monochromator (triple grating).

It is designed for applications such as applications probe light source for quantum efficiency systems (solar cell characterisation), photocatalysis experiments, and, UV,VIS and NIR spectroscopy.

There are a variety of filters available to choose from, up to 10 filter positions, and each filter central wavelength and bandpass can be specified separately.