Rebel C1 optics

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Dialight Lumidrives has launched a new range of optics specifically designed for the Luxeon Rebel power LED. The new Rebel C1 optics are compact, operate at higher temperatures than alternatives and are extremely cost effective.

The Rebel C1 optics are based on a footprint of 22mm diameter and a low profile height of just 11mm. Manufactured from optical Lexan grade UV stable polycarbonate, Rebel C1 optics can operate at temperatures up to 120°C - higher than comparable PMMA optics.

The LEDs are easy to install, and come with their own, mess-free adhesive. This technology also provides faster assembly times and ensures the LED is protected from dust and moisture ingress.

A variety of beam angles are available - spot 5°, medium 15°, wide angle 25° and oval 25x8°. Special purpose lenses are also available.

A protective cover is fitted to each lens during manufacturing to provide assembly protection, ensuring the optical surface is protected during transportation and mounting.

Rebel C1 optics are available in quantities of 100 boxed and cartons of 1000 units.