Techspec First Surface Mirrors

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Edmund Optics has expanded its line of Techspec First Surface Mirrors – featuring a surface flatness of 4-6 λ – to now include 26 new models of protected silver coated mirrors. The coated surface is designed to face the incident light, minimising energy loss by preventing the light from passing through the glass substrate.

First Surface Mirrors are available in circular, square and rectangular dimensions. The rectangular mirrors are ideally suited for use in applications that require the mirror to be mounted at a 45° angle, in order to create a 90° bend in the light path for a wide variety of precision optics applications.

The mirrors use metal coatings with a protective dielectric overcoat layer to prevent the coating from being damaged by the atmosphere or from cleaning. This increases the durability of the metal coating, provides protection from oxidation, with little impact on the coating performance.

The 26 new protected silver models provide average reflectance of >98 per cent at 500-800nm and >98 per cent at 2,000-10,000 nm. The typical energy density limit is 0,5 J/cm2 at 532nm and 1064nm, 10ns.