Red laser safety goggles

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Laservision has released a filter which protects users working with red line, cross, dot, or pilot lasers in the milli-watt range.

With filter type P1004, Laservision has developed now an alternative to the previous alignment filter type P03, what is no longer available.

As filter type P03 was working only as an alignment filter in the wavelength range 620-644nm with the alignment protection level R1 and as P03 was only available in the frame style Skyline suitable also for wearers of prescription glasses, P1004 comes now in both Laservision frame styles for plastic absorption filters Skyline and Lambda One and with both with alignment protection level R1 for 625-650nm and R2 for 660-675nm acc. to EN 208 and with L protection levels DIR L5 for full protection acc. to EN 207. The visible light transmission is about 42 per cent in the same range as the VLT of filter type P03.