Red Tide Spectrometer

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The Red Tide Spectrometer from Ocean Optics is a low-cost, small-footprint lab spectrometer that’s ideal as a general-purpose instrument for budget-conscious teaching and research labs.

Despite its low starting price, the Red Tide offers performance comparable to more costly systems: spectral response from 350-1000nm, an order-sorting filter to eliminate second-order effects, and integration times as fast as 3ms.

The Red Tide’s modular design can be configured with various Ocean Optics optical bench accessories, light sources and sampling optics, to create application-specific systems for thousands of absorbance, reflection and emission applications. With its small footprint (89.1 x 63.3mm) and convenient USB interface, Red Tide is a great tool for basic lab measurements.

The Red Tide interfaces to PCs via its USB port, which streamlines start-up and supports hot swapping of the spectrometer. It also interfaces to Pasco’s Xplorer GLX, a unique combination of datalogger and lab analysis tool that eliminates the need for a PC.