NIRQuest spectrometer

Ocean Optics has introduced its NIRQuest spectrometer, suitable for NIR applications ranging from moisture detection and chemical analysis to high-resolution laser and optical fibre characterisation. This robust, plug-and-play spectrometer is available in versions for 900-1,700nm, 900-2,050nm and 900-2,500nm coverage.

NIRQuest uses a high-performance indium gallium arsenide (InGaAs)-array detector in a compact optical bench with thermoelectric cooler and low-noise electronics. A high-gain mode improves system sensitivity at low light-levels and in low-concentration measurements. In addition, integration times as short as one milisecond are possible.

NIRQuest's modular design and new grating options allow customisation for a wider variety of applications: moisture analysis in grains and cereals; chemical analysis of blood and tissue; bacterial detection in food and beverage production; nitrogen content monitoring of plants and soils; and chemical composition of pharmaceuticals. A special grating option and external triggering are useful tools for high-resolution (to 0.25nm FWHM) laser characterisation. NIRQuest Spectrometers are also available for integration into OEM devices.

The NIRQuest uses SpectraSuite spectrometer operating software – a modular, Java-based spectroscopy platform that operates in Windows, Mac OS and Linux operating systems. NIRQuest can also be bundled with the Remora Network Adapter from Ocean Optics to turn the system into a multi-user spectral data server over Ethernet or your existing Wi-Fi connection.