850-Series laser diodes

Laser Components Canada produces pulsed laser diodes with an emission wavelength of 850nm. The 850-Series features a low divergence of 10.5° x 20° and high temperature stability up to +85°C. Two variants are readily available, both with efficiency of 0.9W/A, one with emitter size of 150µm x 1µm and the other with 230µm x 1µm emitter length, resulting in 10.5W and 19W rated optical power respectively. In theory these laser chips can be stacked to achieve higher power as with the 905-Series. The devices are rated for operation pulse lengths of 150ns or significantly shorter pulses of up to 1ns. This wavelength is now becoming popular as a replacement for obsolete OSRAM lasers.

The 850D1S06x pulsed laser diodes are available as chip on a ceramic submount or in different housings: TO-18, 5.6mm, 9mm, 8-32 Coax.