RedEye Oxygen Patch

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To measure oxygen in packaging and other enclosed containers, Ocean Optics has launched the RedEye Oxygen Patch.

Using a combination of proprietary sensing material and optical sensing technologies, the non-invasive patch enables quick readings of the presence or absence of oxygen, as well as providing quantitative measurements. Accurate measurement of oxygen concentration can indicate a sterile seal on surgical instruments and drug packaging.

The self-adhesive RedEye patch can be integrated into the surface of sample containers such as blood bags, pill blister packs, or point of care analysis devices such as disposable ventilator oxygen attachments, to permit non-invasive, through-the-package oxygen concentration measurements. Ocean Optics’ proprietary nano-porous sol-gel coating is non-reactive and keeps the sensor immobilised, protected from the package contents.

Depending on the application, the simple presence of oxygen can be visually determined by color change with a handheld LED, or a fluorometer can be used to directly measure the exact oxygen level.