Ocean Optics has used the emergence of powerful yet inexpensive microprocessors to turn its spectrometers into web servers that can wirelessly exchange data and operation parameters. The Remora is a plug-and-play adapter that allows users access over a Wi-Fi or Ethernet network to capture real-time data and control their spectrometer's parameters.

Compatible with Ocean Optics' HR4000, HR2000+ and QE65000 spectrometers, Remora combines Ocean Optics' spectral acquisition and processing power with wireless convenience. Remora installs quickly and easily via USB and leaves GPIO connections free.

With Remora's wireless capabilities, users can carry out a range of data collection and control functions remotely. Through the Remora user interface, users can collect data, export spectral data to delimited and graph formats and change the spectrometer's acquisition parameters – all remotely. Remora also generates a log file that tracks current and past setups for identifying errors.

Remora also makes it possible to access and control Ocean Optics spectrometers in a network from other web-enabled devices such as iPhones and PDAs. Remora supports most web browsers.