Rigaku Progeny and Versalase laser module

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Laser 2000 is now distributing both the Rigaku Progeny, from Rikagu Raman technologies, and the Versalase laser module, from Vortran laser technologies.

Rigaku Raman Technologies’ Rigaku Progeny is designed for pharmaceutical, chemical manufacturing and academia markets and raises the bar on the speed and accuracy inspectors, chemists and scientists can expect from a handheld Raman analyser.

The new Progeny analyser aims to deliver accurate materials identification, improved ease of use, adaptability, and reliability. At the core of the Progeny is an advanced miniature VPG-based 1,064nm optical engine offering benchtop quality analytical performance in an IP-68 sealed enclosure. The 512-pixel InGaAs detector delivers improved resolution, analytics and signal to noise, handling the most challenging mixture analyses. An ultra-fast quad-core processor manages the most demanding search and quantification algorithms without requiring remote desktop work. Progeny’s workflow software is 21 CFR Part 11 compliant and has a smartphone-inspired user interface shortening the learning curve, allowing rapid implementation of material ID methods.

The new VersaLase from Vortran Laser Technologies is a fully integrated, plug-and-play, and self-contained multiple wavelength output laser module. The sealed optical cavity and the innovative electronics give the VersaLase power and beam pointing stability as well as low noise over time and temperature.

The graphical user interface software allows the user to control and monitor the module remotely via USB or RS-232. Up to four different wavelengths between 375nm and 660nm can be integrated having one common free space or fibre coupled output. The intensity modulation is given for each colour separately either by laser diode current modulation or by an integrated AOM for 561nm.