Rio Grande single frequency laser module

AMS Technologies has introduced the Grande single frequency laser module manufactured by Rio. The device combines Rio’s high performance external cavity laser (ECL) with a high performance low noise EDFA. It was developed to provide end users with robust solutions for harsh environments in easy-to-use form factors for usage in acoustic and interferometric sensing, LIDAR, high-resolution metrology, RF and microwave photonics applications.

The Grande module provides 0.1-2W of optical power over the eye safe regions of the C-band (1,530-1,565nm). The semiconductor-based laser and the industry-proven CATV EDFA ensure reduced sensitivity to mechanical and acoustic vibrations, matched to withstand harsh environmental conditions while preserving low power consumption and system heat dissipation.

This laser design is based on RIO’s proprietary planar technology (Planex) and consists of a gain chip and a planar lightwave circuit including waveguide with Bragg grating, forming a laser cavity with significant advantages. The lasers feature very narrow spectral linewidth, low phase and frequency noise, low RIN and high stability and reliability.