RIO lasers now supplied by Laser Comonents

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Laser Components now offers laser sources manufactured by Redfern Integrated Optics (RIO).  These high-performance, single-frequency external cavity lasers (ECLs) are based on RIO’s Planex proprietary planar technology. Planex lasers consist of an amplification chip and a planar waveguide structure (PLC) with an integrated Bragg grating. The combination of these elements results in a large laser cavity that has significant advantages such as: optical output power of up to 20mW, low relative intensity noise, ultra-low phase noise, very low wavelength sensitivity regarding bias current and temperature.

The low-noise, powerful, ultra-narrow band Planex lasers are particularly well suited for applications that place high demands on absolute precision, lifetime (even under harsh environmental conditions in the field during application), or a high attainable resolution.

The pin assignment and form factor conform to the industrial standard and make simple application in existing systems possible as a drop-in exchange or upgrade to improve performance. 

The lasers are also available as laser source modules with a serial interface, as a bench-top laser source, or in other configurations.