AR coatings for fibre optics

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Laser Components has announced that its fibre optics customers are now able to benefit from anti-reflection coatings on fibres. To minimise waste with expensive laser power when transmitting light along optical fibres, these coatings significantly reduce coupling losses. Such coatings, the company states, have a particularly positive effect in medical technology and material processing where high power sources are used. Laser Components offers both assembled cables, including coated fibres, and job coatings on fibres supplied by the customer. The company can process all types of fibres from fused silica fibres (SM and MM) to sapphire fibres.

The coatings available include AR coatings for single wavelengths (e.g. 808nm), AR coatings for two wavelengths (e.g. 808 and 980nm), or broadband AR coatings for a wide wavelength range (e.g. 460-700nm). Customer-specific coatings are also available.