RPMC lasers announces an exclusive partnership with Dausinger + Giesen

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RPMC Lasers, a laser distributor in North America, has announced an exclusive distribution agreement with Dausinger + Giesen (D+G), allowing the company to offer its Thin-Disk Lasers and Thin-Disk Components. 

D + G provides thin disk laser components, such as thin disk gain media, thin disk pump modules, Pockels cells, and high-power optomechanics. They also provide high performance, versatile, fast and ultrafast thin disk lasers, regenerative amplifiers, linear amplifiers, demonstrators, prototypes and designs. As pioneers of thin disk technology, with Dr Giesen credited with the invention of the thin disk laser, D + G owns multiple patents on their devices.

Both companies are excited about their new relationship. ‘RPMC is a great channel for us in North America because of their knowledgeable staff and their strength in the Photonics industry,’ says Dr Fabio Ferrario, CEO of Dausinger + Giesen. ‘Their thorough knowledge of our products and capabilities has the potential to add to the success of our sales in North America. We are pleased with the efforts of the RPMC team and look forward to a great year.’  

Dean Micke, president of RPMC Lasers, added, ‘Dausinger + Giesen’s Thin-Disk technology is an excellent addition to our product line. Their short-pulsed laser devices, with high energies and output powers, will help fill a gap in our customers needs. We are honored that Dausinger + Giesen wants to commit to a long-term relationship.’

Initially, RPMC will offer D+G VaryDisk laser system. The base configuration provides from 15 to 150 mJ pulses, up to 150 W average power, and 1 ns pulse width (compressible down to < 2 ps). RPMC will also offer their thin disk pump modules, allowing up to 3kW of pump power, their CuW or diamond heatsink-mounted Yb:YAG based thin disk gain media (7 per cent doping concentration standard), and their water-cooled, high-power, 1” & 2” XY mirror mounts.

Together, both companies will be better able to provide technical support with their in-depth knowledge of the products, quality professional advice, high-quality support after delivery, and, most importantly, the best laser at a fair price.