StarWeld Select

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Rofin's StarWeld Select laser system with its CNC control system ensures highly repeatable processing and accuracy in medical device production. The system, with its four high-precision axes and intuitive user interface, can be used as a manual welding system, joystick controlled deposit welding system or high precision CNC welding system. The multi-function joystick and large colour touch screen enable all parameters to be easily set by the user. Additional features include the micro welding option, which enables welding spot diameters smaller than 0.1mm to be achieved as opposed to the more common 0.2-0.3mm spot size. Rofin's sweet spot resonator provides consistently high weld quality, even in highly reflective materials, with high pulse-to-pulse stability over a large depth of focus.

Existing programs for CNC laser welding can be recalled using part numbers or by scanning a bar code. In addition all programmes, which contain the welding parameters for the application, are protected against unauthorised changes and modification. Features such as Intelligent Pulse Management guarantee excellent pulse stability, even with smallest pulse energies providing reproducible results without power fluctuation. The integrated FTP server allows the saving and administration of all files on a central computer via an Ethernet connection or alternatively, both files and configurations can be saved and exchanged by USB.