Multiscan HE

Rofin-Sinar has launched the Multiscan HE, a version of its laser coding and marking system configured for operation in harsh environments.

The Multiscan VS was specifically developed to enable alphanumeric text and complex graphics to be applied to a wide variety of materials including, glass, card, plastic, PVC and painted metals. The system operates equally well on static items or on product which is moving and needs to be marked 'on the fly'. The new HE variant retains all of the features and flexibility of the original system, but with the added benefit of an IP66 rating. This enhanced rating will enable the system to be used in environments where liquids may be present or where the system may require to be 'washed down' to comply with the strict hygiene requirements demanded by certain industries.

Designed as a fully integrated system, Multiscan HE incorporates the laser, beam delivery, cooling and control systems into a single compact unit. The beam generated by the 120W CO2 RF excited Slab Laser, reaches the dual axis scanner via a series of mirrors within the articulated beam delivery system. This clever design allows easy and flexible positioning of the scanner head on the production line.