MSO/DPO70000DX Series

Tektronix, a manufacturer of oscilloscopes, has introduced its MSO/DPO70000DX Series of performance oscilloscopes that feature models with 23GHz, 25GHz, and 33GHz bandwidth and enhanced tools for debugging digital and analogue circuits. The company also announced its oscilloscope probe with a 33GHz bandwidth and sensitivity for low-voltage, high-speed serial and RF signals. With the new MSO70000DX mixed signal oscilloscopes, Tektronix continues to expand its portfolio of MSO’s from 70MHz all the way up to 33GHz in analogue bandwidth. This enables design teams to complete electronic design characterizations on schedule. The MSO70000DX instruments provide an 80 picosecond timing resolution on its 16 digital channels. This enables engineers to get accurate feedback on logic or protocol performance for serial buses like USB, I2C, and SPI in real-time while performing analogue validation of high speed DDR memory on the 4 high-bandwidth channels.