S-471 LED Optometer

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UTD Instruments has released a portable S-471 LED Optometer. 

Designed and configured for all LED measurement requirements, the instrument features microprocessor control and three measurement data-presentation options: direct display measurement with analogue bar, RS-232C computer interface, and analogue voltage input. 

Easy to use in production and/or laboratory settings, the unit is equipped with a silicon photometric detector and LED holding sockets for many common LED types. All the sockets are designed to meet the recommended CIE Publication 127, Conditions A and B, for measurements of the luminous intensity (candelas) of LEDs. 
UDT’s highly sensitive instrument is suitable for luminous or radiant intensity measurements, tunnel brightness, total luminous or radiant flux measurements, device brightness, signal brightness, and equipment and device illumination measurements. The new device includes an optional integrating sphere designed specifically for total luminous or radiant flux (lumens or watts) LED measurements.

The highly reliable system comes with an intuitive touch keypad and backlit LCD for easy read-out. The NIST-traceable (National Institute of Standards) factory calibration makes it easy to configure for a wide variety of applications, including illuminance, irradiance and fibre-optic measurements. Compact and lightweight for convenient handling, the new LED optometer is equipped with a rechargeable NiMH Battery.