S mart

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Sensofar Metrology has released a new high-resolution 3D optical sensor system, the S mart. The new system is ideally suited for integration into automated production systems, in particular for inline process measurement and process control tasks. At the same time, the S mart still manages to deliver both world-class performance and an intuitive user experience.

While the new S mart is compact, flexible and lightweight, it makes no compromises in terms of outright performance. As for Sensofar’s flagship model, the S neox, the new S mart combines confocal, interferometry and focus variation techniques in the same sensor head. When combined with a single LED light source (red, green, blue or white) chosen precisely for the intended application, the S mart is ideal for obtaining a fast, non-invasive assessment of the 3D micro- and nanogeometry of technical surfaces – including surface resolution down to 0.1 nm, surface roughness, textures and structuring, and thin film thickness measurements.

Aside from a high-resolution motorized turret for interchangeable objectives, there are no moving parts that might complicate measurement repeatability. When fully integrated into a production system, the fixed (and automated) reference frame for measurement thus also provides a route to better process optimization. And a newly developed software interface, SensoSCAN 6, offers an even more intuitive interface and includes customizable tool features and new and powerful analysis algorithms that have been especially designed for automated inline process applications – all easily accessible system-wide using the provided SDK.

Drawing on over 14 years of experience in designing optical metrology systems for both R&D and industry, including supplying OEM metrology engines to leading systems integrators, Sensofar has been able to optimize the design of the S mart for easy integration into a wide range of inline applications. Closed-loop capability and orientation-independent mounting further underline the S mart’s design purpose – maximum performance and flexibility for automated production processes.

The S mart’s versatility makes it appropriate for a broad range of applications. Typical applications include all stages of micromanufacturing (EDM, milling or laser), automatic optical inspection (AOI), 2D and 3D measurements of semiconductors, and surface characterization (via a robot or portable stand) for automotive and CMP applications.