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Cobolt, a Swedish manufacturer of low-noise DPSS lasers, has released a higher power model of its 532nm single-mode CW solid-state laser. The Samba is available with up to 300mW CW output power and is suited to applications such as Raman spectroscopy, particle sizing, holography, flow dynamics, and high-speed fluorescence analysis.

The Samba is a true single-longitudinal mode laser with a measured linewidth of less than 1MHz, which features low noise (<0.3 per cent rms) and excellent beam quality (M2 <1.1) over a wide temperature range (10-40°C). The laser is based on Cobolt's PPKTP doubling technology and is manufactured in a compact and robust hermetically sealed package providing high tolerance to demanding environmental conditions. The full system is highly efficient, consuming less than 25W of electrical power.

The system provides a narrow spectral bandwidth and high power, as well as a high level of long-term wavelength stability (<0.02nm) and power stability (<3 per cent), and a high suppression of any side-band emission (down to <10-8 across the whole spectrum).

The laser is operated via a controller, available both in a CDRH version and as a compact remotely controllable OEM model. Built on a robust platform with mounting holes for convenient installation and optimum heat dissipation, the controller allows operation, monitoring and analysis of the laser system via digital (RS-232 or windows-based interface) or analogue interfaces.

Cobolt's range of high performance CW DPSS lasers in the visible spectrum also include 473nm, 491nm, 515nm, and 561nm lasers as well as a dual-line 491+532nm model.