SAP marking interface

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Trumpf has introduced a method of directly connecting a marking laser to the Systems Applications and Products (SAP) environment via a standard interface with its TruMark Station 1000 (D).

Using SAP companies can apply company logos, model designations, codes and serial numbers to components using a laser without requiring any programming skills or additional software. The SAP connection is featured on Trumpf’s TruMark Station 1000 (D). This laser marking station is designed for marking small components without the need for a mechanical z-axis.

The standard interface between SAP and Trumpf’s TruMark Station 1000 (D) is the printer driver included in the SAP program. The laser parameters required for a wide range of materials are also included as part of the TruMark Station 1000 (D) software package.

‘Our decision to support SAP standards eliminates the burden of additional hardware and software investments and maintenance costs,’ said Trumpf laser manager Gerry Jones, ‘In addition, the customer no longer incurs the cost of the consumables used in conventional printing. By using a standard interface we have also greatly simplified the integration process.’

For ease in loading and unloading, the TruMark Station 1000 (D) features an integrated drawer with fixtures designed for specific components. Combined with the optical focusing axis, the fixtures ensure the workpiece surface is always on the focal plane.