TruLaser Robot 5020 -- automatic rotary changer

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Trumpf has added an automatic rotary changer with turning axis to its TruLaser Robot 5020 modular robot cell to facilitate high-speed, continuous welding for volume manufacturing.

The TruLaser Robot 5020 is a standardised, six-axis, modular robot cell with a hand operated turntable. Now, while one part is being welded, the operator can set up the next part in the automatic changer, reducing downtime to a minimum. Safety light beams and a system of sensors protect the operator during set-up. Dependent on their size, several parts can be welded at a time. Custom part holders can also be accommodated.

Another new development for this multi-purpose machine is a modular clamping system. It is designed to clamp components of different sizes and shapes – from a simple sheet metal part to a bent profile – in preparation for laser welding. The clamping system is aimed at those producing multiple components in small batch sizes or prototypes. It quickly clamps any workpiece, optimising the production cycle for both conduction and deep penetration welding.

Another new addition is the motorised focus adjustment allowing a smooth progression from a heat-conducting joint requiring a shallow weld-depth to a deep weld with a seam thickness of several millimetres. This allows the TruLaser Robot to be used for welding components with complex geometries and can apply every kind of weld including butt, lap, fillet and flange welds.